Academic Background

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, 1979, University of Toronto/OISE

Masters of Education, Counseling and Guidance, 1970, University of Toronto/OISE

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology: -- 1963-- Carleton University

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Electronics option): 1961 - McGill University

Membership in U.S. and Canadian Professional Associations

Registered Psychologist - since 1980 --Ontario College of Psychologists

Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards -since 2001- Certificate of Professional Qualifications in Psychology (CPQ) & Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC)

American Psychological Association (APA) - Full Member since 1980; currently Life Member

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) - Full Member since 1980; currently Life Member

Ontario Psychological Association - (OPA) - Full member since 1980; currently Life Member

Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology - Full Member since 1992

American College of Forensic Examiners -(ACFE) -Board Certified Forensic Examiner, Diplomate status, since 1996

Previously, American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) – was Full Member 1980 – 2001, and Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA) - Full Member, 1980 - 2001

Academic Appointments

University of Toronto/OISE (Applied Psychology), Extramural Lecturer, 1996-98, taught graduate school courses in group psychotherapy

University of Toronto/School of Continuing Studies (1980-89), taught a variety of courses, including "Mid-Life, Mid-Career Issues" Listed in Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology, 1984


Psychologist in Private Practice:

Head, Cupchik Center For The Assessment And Treatment Of Atypical Theft Offenders, offering 20-session long Intensive Intervention Programs

--  My court-directed reports have been presented in both U.S. and Canadian courts,  and to Medical and Educational Advisory Boards

-- Advisory Committees: American College of Forensic Examiners, Executive Board of Scientific and Technical Advisors [1997-98 term of office]

Other Prior Professional Experiences:

Clarke Institute of Psychiatry: 1974-1986, on Forensic Service (full-time from 1976-1986).

Duties included:

-- both inpatient and outpatient sections:

-- diagnostic assessments,

--individual and group therapy, teaching, supervision of interns, research and administration.

-- Developed and led Gay Issues Group.

Psychologist-in-Charge, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Forensic Outpatient Psychological Programs, 1984-86: Additional duties included supervision of psychologists and psychometrists re psychological assessments. Developed and led the Atypical Theft Offender Program, including assessment, research, individual and group treatment modalities.

Professional Electrical Engineer, Navigational Systems Design Engineer, Computing Devices of Canada, Bells Corners, Ontario. 1961-1962. Designed navigational guidance systems for the then-next generation of winged aircraft and aircraft carrier-based helicopters for the USAF and allied countries.

Publications (Partial Listing):


Why Usually Honest People Steal: Understanding, Treating and Stopping Nonsensical Shoplifting and Other Bizarre Theft Behavior, 2013 (ISBN 978-1-896342-10-8)

Why Honest People Shoplift Or Commit Other Acts Of Theft: Assessment and Treatment of ‘Atypical Theft Offenders’: Revised Edition,, 2002 (ISBN 1-896342-08-6) 

Chapter: Shoplifting: An Occasional Crime of the Moral Majority, Chapter 18, by Cupchik,W and Atcheson, D.J, In Clinical Criminology: The Assessment and Treatment of Criminal Behavior, Edited by Ben-Aron, M.H., Hucker, S.J., and Webster, C.D., Clarke Institute of Psychiatry/University of Toronto, 1985,


-- Cupchik,W and Atcheson, D.J., Shoplifting: An Occasional Crime of the Moral Majority, published in the Bulletin of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, Vol. 11, 4-343, 1983.

-- Cupchik, W Reintrojection Therapy: A Procedure For Altering Parental Introjects, published in Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Vol. 21, Summer, 1984,

-- Cupchik, W Why Essentially Honest People Steal, published in The Forensic Examiner, Nov/Dec edition 1997 --

-- Cupchik, W, When Essentially Honest Clients Steal: Understanding, Assessment and Treatment, published in The Los Angeles Psychologist Newsletter, Vol.12, No. 3, 1998

-- Cupchik, W Why Usually Honest People Shoplift, published as a ‘Commentary’ on the Opp-ed page of The Globe And Mail newspaper, June 8, 1999

Forensic Consultant: February 1986 to present. Consultations and Assessments. For criminal court proceedings, as an expert witness in person and/or via clinical assessment/psychological reports, dealing exclusively with the atypical (for them) theft behavior of individuals, in terms that aim to uncover and articulate understanding of the offenders’ underlying psychodynamics and the situational elements that may have contributed to their theft behavior, and to provide formulations arising from forty years of clinical practice and investigations into this area of human conduct, in a manner which might be of assistance to the offenders, their lawyers, and the courts. Over 50 years conducting counseling and psychotherapy.

Note: In June of 2014 Dr Cupchik provided a workshop on WHY HONEST PEOPLE SHOPLIFT AND HOW TO HELP THEM TO STOP for interested colleagues at the Canadian Psychological Association convention.